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Kilpatrick, Julia

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Clothing and dress; Dressmaking--Study and teaching; Sewing


A device for use in clothing construction class was to be made in order to facilitate more efficient use of student's and teacher's time. As a basis for determining the subject matter included in the device, a study was made to determine the reasons given for sewing at home. Research in the area of women's beliefs concerning their reasons for sewing was needed because the goals of the clothing curriculum should more nearly meet the present needs of students and the sewer at home. The problem was designed with the following purposes: 1. to determine the reasons given for doing sewing at home by a rating of beliefs; 2. to further implement the clothing curriculum in high school home economics by a device which would help make teaching more efficient; 3. and to make suggestions for further development of the high school clothing curriculum to meet the needs of home sewers, today. The author hypothesized that the main reason given by women for doing sewing at home is to save money. A questionnaire was developed to test the hypothesis. The beliefs on the questionnaire were covertly divided into three groupings given aa reasons for sewing. They were sewing for economy, creativity, and use of leisure time. A check, also, was made to determine the amount of sewing that is currently being done by the respondents. A pilot study was made with a group of women in the Spring of 19656, and after a few revisions the final questionnaire was administered in April of 1965. One hundred and seventy usable questionnaires were secured. Findings substantiated the hypothesis, "that the main reason given by women for doing sewing at home is to save money". Other findings were: 1. Sewing at home continues to be of interest to women. 2. Sixty-one percent of the women did some construction at home. 3. Women sew first for economy, second for creativity, and third for use of leisure time. The teaching device was constructed for use in a Home Economics I clothing construction class. This device consisting of five colored slides with a narration presents a minimal basic wardrobe. Wise choice of line, design, and color plus emphasis on simple construction techniques are the learning experiences which are expected to help the student make better use of her clothing dollar. Clothing styles change. Therefore, the slides in this device will need to be replaced when any major style changes occur.


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