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Distributive education


Need for the Study Many beginning teacher-coordinators of distributive education are in need of a guide to use in their cooperative training programs. More and more high school graduates are being employed in the distributive occupations and are in need of training to help them in their chosen vocation. Procedure An attempt was made to determine the aims or objectives of such a course, nature of materials to be studied, and the organization of a class. Library research was used to evaluate the materials found in the Swen Parson Library concerning distributive education. Also, material from the Illinois State Board of Vocational Education and the writer's own library were examined. The suggested course of study was tested in distributive education classes and found to be successful. Leaders in the field of cooperative training were also contacted in reference to the suggested course of study. Summary It was found that the major objective of the cooperative distributive education program is to develop the abilities of distributive people to better serve the customer. It was also found that the following topics were used in the more successful distributive education programs: 1. Orientation 2. Personal Development 3. Salesmanship 4. Arithmetic 5. Merchandising 6. Sales Promotion, Advertising, and Display 7. Store Organization 8. Establishing a Store 9. Planning and Control of Operations 10. Store Finance


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