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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to develop procedures which could be used la a procedure manual for Internal Financial Management in public schools in the south suburban Chicago area. Methods: The study was limited to certain problem areas of financial management which might be solved by standard procedures. A list of twenty-five problem areas was selected and sent to experienced echoed business officials in certain selected school systems of the southern suburbs of Chicago. From this list, ten were selected to be a part of this study, and for these ten problem areas, procedures were developed. The procedures were evaluated by individual school business officials from a group of forty-nine selected schools. Conclusions: Based on the findings of this investigation the following conclusions appear to be warranted: 1. There is a need for written procedures to properly handle problem areas of internal financial management in public schools of the south suburban area of Chicago. 2. There is indication that standard procedures can be developed and used in these school systems with slight modifications for the differences between the elementary districts and the high school districts. 3. There is a need for better internal control in tills problem area but lack of trained personnel may be a drawback. Recommendations: The following recommendations should be considered: 1. Further study should be mode in the development of procedures for internal financial management in public schools. 2. The development of procedure manuals by school business officials should be encouraged with the state office of public instruction taking the lead and universities and colleges providing the technical course work necessary. 3. Workshops should be held at various locations throughout the state to promote each procedure development and assist in the implementation of such manuals.


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