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Cambridge, R. W.||Crank, Floyd L.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Northern Illinois University; Business education


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between certain academic factors and the grade earned in the course, Report Writing in Business (Business Education 347), at Northern Illinois University. Procedure: All students taking Business Education 347, in the Spring Semester, 1967, were Included in the study. The sample size was 164 students. The data were collected from the Business Education 347 students by means of a questionnaire and from the Bureau of Research at Northern Illinois University. The data were subjected to the Pearson product-moment correlation and the t-test for statistical significance. All computations were made by the I.B.M. 1620 computer at Northern Illinois University. Summary of Findings: The highest and only marked relationship in the study was the relationship between the score attained on the ACT verbal and the grade earned in Business Education 347. The coefficient of correlation was .4068. Although the other factors in the study had some degree of relationship, an r of .401 was used as the cut-off point for accepting or rejecting the hypotheses. The other factors in the study were? (1) English 103 grades, (2) English 104 grades, (3) ACT composite score, (4) College grade point average, (5) Number of English courses completed. There were three t-tests calculated in this study. The .05 confidence level was established as the minimum level for acceptance. None of them were significant at the .05 confidence level. The factors in the t-test were the grade earned in Business Education 347: (1) by students exempt from English 103 and those non-exempt, (2) by transfer students and the grade earned by non-transfer students, (3) by those students who had just English 103 and English 104 and the grade earned by students who had more than these two courses.


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