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Novak, Ralph S.||Green, Gerald G.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Management


Labor turnover; Personnel management


The study of turnover in a Rockford, Illinois, manufacturing concern was undertaken since turnover can be costly to a firm and it can bring into focus organizational and supervisory problems. The study itself was an emphasis of the industrial "turnovers" and attempted to discover why these people dislike the firm, dislike the work assigned, and why they terminated. Much of the study was a review of the Personnel Department procedures in areas as hiring, interviewing, selection process, and the overall effectiveness and performance of the department in regards to the turnover problem. In an attempt to find the desirable characteristics of a typical long term employee, the greatest concentration of the study formulated on age when hired, sex of person hired, marital status, specific job assignments, and the working hours involved. In addition, a questionnaire was presented to the line supervisors to determine their views regarding terminations. With the exception of the questionnaire, most of the detailed information came from the Personnel Department records. Although the study does not present a "model employee" in the conclusions found, it does prove that age, marital status, shift, and the personnel function can by themselves contribute to the degree of turnover.


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