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Gunkel, David

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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The study of human-machine communication seeks to explore journalists’ opinions and perceptions of artificial intelligence (AI) in the newsmaking process, but few studies explore the impact of artificial intelligence on local news, particularly local nonprofit radio journalism. In a case study of a midwestern NPR affiliate, nine local radio journalists were interviewed about how they use AI technology at their local station and their opinions about the role of artificial intelligence as a communicator. My results showed that local radio journalists were primarily using AI for transcription, but that the station was experimenting with other AI tools for the purpose of translation and search engine optimization. Journalists had mixed opinions about the usage of AI, but all felt that it was helpful in assisting with tasks that had previously been tedious and time consuming such as transcription. All agreed that AI should not be used in the newsroom without any human intervention. From a human-machine communication perspective, this study emphasizes the potential use of AI as a tool to news reporters to save time and focus on their job as a reporter and a writer.


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