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Northern Illinois University; Business education--Illinois


The purpose of this study was to determine by means of the normative survey method the number of students who enrolled In the two-year secretarial program at Northern Illinois University from 1961 through 1963 and who completed the requirements for this program. The procedure involved obtaining the names of the students who indicated the two-year program as their major from the Business Education Department. The records of these students were then secured from the Registrar's Office and the following information was obtained* entry date, high school rank, grade- point average, American College Test scores, number of semesters of college work completed at Northern Illinois University, number of business courses taken in high school, and status as to academic dismissal, probation, or continued education beyond the two-year level. There were sixty-three available cases for the 1961-1962 school year, forty-nine oases for the 1962*1963 school year, and forty-two cases for the 1963-1964 school year, for a total of 154 students over the three-year period. The conclusions are: Few students who originally started the two-year program completed their course of study; the largest dropout rate comes at the end of the freshman year; all of the students who complete four semesters of work do not meet the requirements for a Certificate of Proficiency; few students remain to complete four years of college; there was no substantial difference in the mean American College Test English score for the two-year student as compared to the entire freshman class; the two-year students scored lower on the mathematics portion of the American College Test than the entire freshman class; the two-year student had a lower composite score on the American College Test than the entering freshman group; most students entering the two-year program had taken at least two business courses in high school; the mean grade-point average for the three-year period was 1.93; most students who attained a "C" average ranked in the upper fifty percentile of their high school graduating class.


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