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Un, Kheang

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Second-generation peace operation is big in size and complex in operations and has positively impacted society and humankind and brought about peaceful endings in some conflicts. Nevertheless, studies in the area show that some peacekeeping has failed, and many limitations in each operation lead to UN peacekeeping failure. The failure of UN peacekeeping to disarm and demobilize warring parties’ armed forces has been researched explicitly by scholars. However, those scholarships have limitations in explaining why the UN fails to disarm and demobilize warring parties in intrastate conflict. This thesis paper will look at the UN's failure to disarm and demobilize warring parties in intrastate conflict by using a comparative analysis between the case of UNTAC in Cambodia and UNAVEM II in Angola and will argue that the Security Council's trilemma and the unnatural ceasefire between warring parties led to the UN's failure in the disarmament and demobilization process in intrastate conflicts.


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