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The purpose of this study was to determine whether or not hard of hearing and normal young adults, would show a social schema when presented human figure cut-outs. Further consideration was given to the question: Is there a significant difference between males and females in terns of their social schema. Twenty hard of hearing young adults were selected and matched with twenty normal hearing young adults. The age range for both groups was 17-21. A 40 by 40 inches square flannel board in addition with human figures, cut from felt material, were the instruments used to test the subjects. The subjects were presented six sets of human figure cut-outs. For each set they were instructed to imagine a scene concerning these figures and then place them on the field to represent the main idea of the scene. Following their performance, they gave a one word title that was suggestive of their scene. The verbal response and the distance between the figures were recorded. The results revealed: (1) that the hard of hearing subjects placed the human figures closer together than did the normal subjects; (1) that the female subjects perceived the figures as being significantly different from each other within the varying sots. Analysis of the oral responses showed the hard of hearing group to perceive favorable interaction of people and/or situations as they really are in everyday life. Their responses also suggested family relationship interaction.


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