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Ogilvie, William K.

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Elementary school principals


Purpose. This investigation, conducted on the elementary level of education, was designed to examine the relationship between effective administration and high teacher morale. In addition, this study intended to provide elementary school principals with helpful information regarding the development of effective staff morale by investigating practices and procedures involved in the administrative management of teachers. Procedures. To help determine the role of educational leadership in morals development, selected literature was studied and reviewed. In addition, opinionnaires were sent to thirty elementary school principals in Rockford, Illinois, with twenty of the administrators responding, This respondent data was analyzed and tabulated by the researcher. Generalizations. Selected literature revealed the importance of morale development as part of the total educational process. It appeared that effective administration upheld the democratic method of leadership, where policies were cooperatively developed by both group members and leaders. Related findings revealed effective teacher management to be one of the most important functions of school principals. Opinionnaire data sidomitfcad by twenty Rockford elementary school principals indicated the apparent importance and necessity of effective staff morale to the efficient performance of teaching duties and responsibilities. In regard to seemingly effective practices involved in administrative leadership- and morale development, respondents strongly favored the development of a good personal relationship between the principal and each staff member. Establishing effective group management procedures also received the support of Rockford principals. Developing an effective social program, although receiving loss support than personal and group management procedures, was recognized by respondents as being another leadership factor involved in the development of satisfactory teacher morale, Rockford principals also pointed out certain practices and procedures to be avoided by administrators in teacher management. Respondent data indicated the apparent importance of administrators avoiding any unprofessional attitudes or actions. Effective guidance and morale development among now staff members was another area of leadership considered important by Rockford principals. Strong support for the development of a good orientation program was indicated, as well as the apparent importance of help and assistance being freely offered to now staff members by fellow teachers and the building principal.


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