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Nelson, Robert H.

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Junior high schools--Illinois; School principals


Problem: The purpose of the study was to investigate the role of the assistant principal in selected junior high schools. Procedure: A questionnaire was designed to investigate the role of the junior high school assistant principal. The questionnaires were sent to sixty-eight junior-high schools in Illinois with grade placements of seven, eight, and nine and with enrollments of 500 or more students. The questionnaires were sent directly to the selected junior high schools in care of the principal with a request that he have his assistant complete the questionnaire and return it. Ninety-four per cent of the questionnaires were returned. Of the questionnaires returned, twenty-two per cent indicated that there was no one serving as assistant principal in the schools. Therefore, seventy-eight par cent of the returned questionnaires were utilized in tabulating the data for the study. The tabulations of the data from the questionnaires were analyzed, and conclusions were drawn as a result of the findings of the study. Findings and Conclusions: (1) The position of assistant principal use an integral part of the junior high administrative structure in seventy-eight per cent of the schools surveyed. (2) The position of assistant principal was a relatively recent addition to the schools surveyed having averaged only 2.7 years in existence. (3) Ninety-four percent of the assistant principals surveyed hold a masters degree or a higher degree. (4) Junior high stood assistant principals had an average of 3.6 years of administrative experience. (5) Assistant principals in the junior high schools had been in their current position for an average of 3.8 years. (6) Most assistant principals had served in another capacity in their current school system before becoming an assistant principal. (7) Junior high school assistant principals averaged 16.4% years of teaching experience. (8) Slightly over one-half of the junior high schools represented in the study provided their assistant principals with a written policy to outline their duties. (9) Seventy-eight per cent of the assistant principals had their specific duties designated by the school principal. (10) the assistant principal was required to work for an average of forty-two weeks per year. (11) Seventy-eight per cent of the junior high school assistant principals received over $8,000 annually for their services. (12) Sixty-eight per cent of the assistant principals aspired to higher administrative positions. (13) Eighty-eight per cent of the assistant principals were not required to do any regular classroom teaching. (14) The assistant principals spent most of their time as disciplinarians. (15) General administrative matters demanded the second-most amount of their time. (16) The junior high stood assistant principals were usually second in authority to the school principal.


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