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Walther, LaVern||White, John B. (Professor of library science)

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Library Science


Library circulation and loans; Book selection


This paper is a study of the relative importance of published book reviews in the selection of books for a university library. A sample of all the books in the university library copyrighted in 1961 was cheeked in Book Review Digest to determine whether each title had been reviewed at or near its time of publication and the number and favorability of reviews listed. For all titles in the sample the mean circulation per year was calculated, based on the period of time that the title was available for use. There was no great difference between the circulation of reviewed titles and the circulation of titles which had not been reviewed. A comparison of the number of circulations, the number of reviews and the favor with which the titles had been reviewed showed that neither listing in Book Review Digest, nor the number of reviews listed there, nor the favorability of review was a predictor of the circulation for each title. This study therefore tends to indicate that too great emphasis on reviews as a tool for selection of books for a university library is not justified.


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