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Tan, Jifu

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Simulating particle transport in multi-component fluid flows driven by slender structures is important but challenging, especially when dealing with large viscosity ratios. In this thesis, a general multi-physics model is introduced to handle multi-component fluid flows, slender beating structures, immersed particles/droplets, and their interactions. This multi-physics model has been validated with analytical solutions and other published experimental and numerical results for the mean mucous velocity. The validated model is used to study particle transport in nasal mucous layer, the interplay between cilia and fluid flow. The model shows that mucous-pericilairy layer interface and mucous-air interface remain a constant height throughout the cilia beating cycle. Simulations show that droplets transported by the mucous layer deform more with a higher mucous viscosity which can help to increase targeting accuracy for pharmaceuticals deposited in the nasal cavity. The periciliary layer shows unsteady velocity over time during the cilia beat, but the mucous layer maintains a consistent flow field over time. Through dimensional analysis, the induced mean mucous fluid velocity characterized by the Reynolds number is shown to be nonlinear with the cilia bending stiffness and linear for the synchronicity of the cilia. Diseased cilia usually have shortened length and form continuous patches and simulation results show that while a small area of diseased cilia negligibly effects the mucous flow, there is a drastic reduction in the mean mucous velocity for moderately sized areas.


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