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Balcerzak, Scott

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Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Department of English


This dissertation is a textual analysis of Tori Amos as a feminist artist. Because Amos has had a successful and enduring career, she presents a unique opportunity to explore the ways third-wave feminism has influenced popular culture and vice-versa. This dissertation utilizes both a feminist and cultural studies lens to understand Amos, her work, and her fan community as texts. Through a chronological study of Amos’s catalog, I will demonstrate how Amos’s works have adapted to the demands and interests of third-wave feminism, moving from emotional non-narrative, to active political engagement with some mis-steps, and finally to an understanding of gender as a cultural and social construction and the political uses of drag. I will provide detailed analyses of Amos’s earliest work in the nineties, which cemented her place as a feminist artist. The project then moves on to subsequent albums which are less often examined by popular culture and feminist critics: Strange Little Girls (2001), Scarlet’s Walk (2002), and American Doll Posse (2007). Finally, this study will conclude with an analysis of Amos’s most current works and artistic legacy.


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