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Demir, Veysel

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


This thesis presents the use of two dielectric layers in a planar Goubau line (PGL) to improve its transmission efficiency compared to the existing single-layer models, which is less than 70% efficient at lower frequencies up to 5 GHz. Further, as an extension of the thesis, the possibility of obtaining directive radiation pattern with radiation efficiency greater than 89.6% using a Goubau-line-based antenna is studied. While none of the existing Goubau-line-based antennas are able to obtain an endfire pattern with radiation efficiency of above 80%, the proposed model utilizes stubs that are periodically attached to the main line of length 0.75???????? to obtain an endfire radiation having a radiation efficiency of 93% and a forward gain of 6.5 dBi while operating at a frequency of 3 GHz. The performance of the proposed PGL and antenna design are evaluated by simulations using CEMS electromagnetic simulation software.


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Northern Illinois University

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