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Tink, Albert K.

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Iowa tests of educational development; Prediction of scholastic success


Problem: To determine the relationship of ninth grade Iowa Tests of Educational Development scores to the twelfth grade College Entrance Examination Board's Scholastic Aptitude Test's scores. Specific problems of the study were to determine which of the Iowa Tests of Educational Development relate best to the Scholastic Aptitude Test's verbal section; to determine which test of the Iowa battery related best to the Scholastic Aptitude Test's mathematics section; and, to determine relationship of the ITED composite score to the total SAT score (Verbal and Math combined). Procedure: Pertinent professional literature published between 1942 and 1960 was reviewed to determine what types of correlation studies had been conducted in other schools. About one-third (107) of the senior class at Guilford High School took the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Ninety-one of these one hundred seven had taken the ITED during the ninth grade. These ninety-one students became the sample for this study. A coefficient of correlation was computed by the Pearson Product-Moment formula for each of the Iowa sub-tests and both the verbal and math sections of the SAT. With the resulting correlations tables were drawn up to determine the increase in predictive efficiency. Conclusions based on the findings of the investigation were then offered. Findings and Conclusions: A relationship significant at the .01 level was found to exist between each of the Iowa tests and both the SAT mathematics and verbal sections. The Ability To Interpret Literary Materials (Test 6) of the ITED relates best to the SAT verbal score (r=,86). Quantitative Thinking (Test 4) of the Iowa battery was found to have the highest correlations to the SAT mathematics section (r=.77). The composite score of the ITED exhibited a high correlation with both the SAT mathematics (r=.73) and verbal (r=.90) sections. In conclusion it appears that at Guilford High School the ITED scores from ninth grade testing are a good indication of twelfth grade SAT scores.


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