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Background of the Problem How well is business education preparing high school graduates to meet the challenging demands of modern business and industry? This is a question worth considering for although office Jobs are probably available now in greater number than ever before, the competition for the choice positions is becoming increasingly acute. But the well-qualified office worker should have little difficulty in securing employment at a top salary. According to Wilbert Sheer: "High school students are just as much in demand as college students. Employers have sharpened their advertisement--and their offers--to get scarce white-collar workers. Just know your A B C's and you'll qualify. There are more jobs than people, and there are more good job vacancies than there are good applicants." Thus, there is the assurance that competent office workers will find employment. But to be sure that business education is producing graduates of an adequate caliber, it is necessary to measure or determine the effectiveness of the business education curriculum.


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