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Olive, Garnet D.||Kreidle, John R.

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Over-the-counter markets


In September, 1963, the Securities and Exchange Commission released the second part of its investigation of the securities markets. Particular emphasis was placed on the over-the-counter market, and part of the study was directed towards the orderliness of the over-the-counter market. The Special Study pointed out that the over-the-counter market was less orderly than the New York Stock Exchange, but no attempt was made to measure the orderliness of either market. This thesis measures the orderliness of the over-the-counter market and compares it to the New York Stock Exchange. The study is presented in five chapters. Chapter I is an introduction to the study. Chapter II is a synopsis of the Special Study regarding the over-the- counter market. Chapter H also includes a review of the period prior to the Special Study, in order to disclose the conditions which made the Special Study necessary, and reviews the happenings subsequent to the release of the Special Study. Chapter III compares statistically the orderliness of the over-the-counter market and New York Stock Exchange. Chapter IV presents the results of an attitude survey of selected members of the over-the-counter securities market regarding market orderliness. Chapter V is the summary and conclusions of the study. The conclusion of the study is that the over-the-counter market is not as orderly as the New York Stock Exchange in periods of market stress.


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