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Chattopadhyay, Swapan

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Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Department of Physics


Understanding the dark sector and early universe are of great importance to those in cosmology as well as physics in general. To probe these areas many large detector platforms and international experiments have come online to work in unison to test proposed models of dark matter and to provide direct detection of gravitational waves to explore what cannot be seen. Along these lines the Matter-wave Atomic Gradiometer and Interferometric Sensor (MAGIS-100) has set out to explore these fields of study using atom interferometry which provides a unique and scalable method for making sensitive measurements as well as being a test bed for future large scale atom interferometers. My work has investigated the capabilities of MAGIS-100 and future MAGIS detectors specifically focusing on systematics and noise sources that would limit the detector’s sensitivity and their mitigation. In addition simulations have been performed to guide the research and development of crucial systems in MAGIS-100, such as the optical imaging system, and to construct the base for more in depth interferometry simulations, data acquisition and analysis. Work was also done on prototype experimental systems for the laser system and the atomic sources. Investigations of possible future science are also outlined with a view towards kilometer and space based detectors. This work will guide MAGIS-100 development and lead to a better understanding of the technical requirements for large baseline atom interferometers.


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