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Green, Gerald G.||Novak, Ralph S.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Management


Incentives in industry; Labor unions--United States; Industrial management


The purpose of this study was to determine the benefits obtained by employing an incentive plan in regards to the cost of direct labor and the impact unions have upon the installation of the incentive programs in the mobile home industry. One hundred and fifty questionnaires were sent to mobile home manufacturers throughout the united States. This amount represents approximately 66 per cent of the total mobile hone manufacturers in the nation. Eighty-three useable questionnaires were returned. Forty-six of the responding firms disclosed that some type of incentive plan was incorporated into their wage and salary program. The results revealed that 87 per cent of the firms using an incentive plan had employed either the group or plant-wide incentive program. Nineteen or 41 per cent ever using the group plan, while 21 or 46 per cent of the companies reported they were using some type of incentive plan. The figures revealed that 80 per cent of the companies with incentive plane were not unionized. The 80 per cent was very close to the aggregate which indicated that 77 per cent of all participating were not unionized. Eight of the nine unionized companies that employed an incentive program indicated that the incentive plan was in operation before the firm became unionized.


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