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Zutshi, Vishnu

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By virtue of peculiar properties of the eta (η) Goldstone boson, the study of it’s de-

cays is very important. The rare decays of this meson can provide unique opportunities

to probe several fundamental invariance principles of physics world. The REDTOP experi-

ment aims at searching for Physics Beyond Standard Model (BSM) by studying such decays

at a sensitivity of 10^ (−10) or below, which requires 10^ (12) or more η mesons. The REDTOP

collaboration has designed a detector to produce and reconstruct such a large number of

η mesons, which will make REDTOP a rare decay factory. The detector is designed to be

minimally sensitive to the background and only records the processes of interest. One of

the REDTOP sub-detector is the ADRIANO calorimeter which is a specific version of an

optimized dual-readout calorimeter. This calorimeter consists of two active regions: optical

standard lead-glass which generates exclusively Cerenkov photons, and scintillating plastic

which generates scintillating signals. Present work is concentrated around prototyping of

Cerenkov radiators and measuring the light output from those radiators using a test beam

at Fermilab.


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