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Lynch, Darrel L.||Bennett, Jack (Cecil Jackson)

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Biological Sciences


Bacteriology--Cultures and culture media; Ciliata; Protozoa


A modified culture method bat been devised which will support the in vitro culture of the rumen cilate, Isotricha. Enrichment by less stringent anaerobic techniques and the higher buffering quality of the medium seem primarily responsible for this achievement. Because of the geotropic tendencies of these ciliates centrifugation may be replaced by a simple pipetting procedure. Rumen fluid can be also eliminated from the culture, except for the initial culture day, after hexose separation. Green plant material, however, was essential to Isotricha under these cultural conditions. Furthermore, it probably should be employed at a higher rate than previously reported in the literature. Alfalfa was superior to green corn in maintaining Isotricha populations and culture life. Mutant yellow corn (albino) appears to be toxic to the cilates. A comparison of alfalfa levels under particular conditions has established certain population and culture life performances by which other culture techniques or alterations can be compared.


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