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Mounts, Nina S.

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Psychology


This observational investigation had two aims. The first aim examined the independent associations of the quantity and quality of maternal consulting and early adolescents’ socio-emotional outcomes. The second aim assessed the moderation effect of the quality of maternal consulting on the relationship between the quantity of maternal consulting and early adolescents’ outcomes. Seventy early adolescents (Mage=12.39 years old) and their mothers participated in the study. The sample was 51.4% girls and 48.6% boys. Mothers and their early adolescents were video recorded discussing typical hypothetical peer-related situations. Conversations were coded for the amount of consulting and four aspects of quality: feasibility, specificity, cognitive framing, and prosocial strategies. Findings did not find an association between observers’ reports of quantity of consulting and adolescents’ reports of relational aggression, physical aggression, and prosocial behavior. None of the features and dimensions of quality were related to the adolescent outcome variables. The relationship between quantity of consulting and adolescents’ social behavior was not moderated by the features and dimensions of quality of consulting.


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