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As key players in what Bronfenbrenner describes as the mesosystem, parents and teachers interact to play an important and immediate role in child development. While the role of parent involvement and the impact of student teacher relationships are well established in the literature on student outcomes, less is known about how the two function together to impact the student. To expand the literature on this topic, the current study sought to examine how levels of different types of parent involvement (home-based, home-school conferencing, and trust) predict student teacher relationship quality, how parent involvement and student teacher relationships predict student outcomes when examined together, as well as the moderating role parent involvement may play in the association between student teacher relationships and outcomes. Academic and social-emotional outcomes were examined in a sample of kindergarten students. Although the results did not support the moderating role of parent involvement, other important associations impacting both student teacher relationships and student outcomes were supported, further solidifying the important role of parents and teachers in a student’s life.


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