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Reinemann, Martin W.||Stevens, George P.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Earth Science


Saint Charles Township (Ill.); Chicago Suburban Area (Ill.)


This paper describes the problems and characteristics that prevail in the fringe areas of large metropolitan centers. In doing this study, the fringe area was observed from three aspects. First, a detailed study was made of the growth, characteristics, and problems as they exist within many fringe areas in the United States. A closer study was then made of the fringe area within the Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area. St. Charles township, a small part of the Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area, was then selected for a detailed study. The preliminary study of fringe areas as they exist throughout the United States, was based on numerous articles and books published about the fringe area, along with statistical information compiled by the United States Bureau of the Census. The more detailed study of the rural-urban fringe within St. Charles township was made by first-hand observation of residential areas and with information obtained from the Geneva Planning Department. Maps were made showing the changing ownership of much of the land and the type of zoning that is taking place. Photographs were also taken of various residential developments to assist in the examination and understanding of the changes that are occurring. The greatest population increases in the United States are taking place in the Standard Metropolitan Areas. This situation is creating many problems which can only be controlled through farsighted planning. This study of St. Charles township has indicated to the writer that the necessary precautions are taking place to help prevent urban sprawl.


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