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Gutierrez, Gaston R.

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Zutshi, Vishnu V.

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Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Department of Physics


The nature of Dark Energy is possibly one of the most fundamental questions in Physicstoday. Comprising 70% of the energy density of the Universe, and being responsible for the accelerated expansion of the Universe, this mysterious form of energy with negative pressure is challenging our current understanding of the fundamental laws of nature. Cosmological parameters like total relative matter Density Ωm, the normalization of power spectrum σ8 and their combination S8 = σ8 (Ωm/0.3)**0.5 are used to quantify our understanding of the evolution of the large-scale structure in the Universe and shed light on the accelerated expansion, caused by the Dark Energy, that started about halfway through the life of the Universe. Sky surveys, like Dark Energy Survey (DES), utilize weak lensing analysis to use the observations of galaxies and their shapes and extract these cosmological parameters. By doing an exhaustive study and quantifying the projection biases in the weak lensing statistics, the research work presented in this dissertation aims to contribute to the precise measurements of the cosmological parameters Ωm , σ8 , and S8 . For the analysis, we used the standard cosmological model that includes dark energy as the cosmological constant. And, we used the data taken by the DES experiment, which is one of the most complete, deep, and wide field surveys of the sky today.


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