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Shumow, Lee

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Pluim, Carolyn

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations (LEPF)


This research identifies the support systems for adolescents’ education within the second wave Hmong refugee family setting. The study examines the parents’ perspectives on their own support systems for their adolescents’ education. The work focuses on studying both the instrumental support and psychological care these parents provide their teenage children and interprets why these parents choose to provide these resources. Studying these parents’ ways of supporting their adolescents provided a more in-depth understanding of why these recent refugee parents choose to invest of their resources to their adolescents’ education and, subsequently, what education means to them. The research also brought to light the participants’ understanding of American education through discussions on how they help their adolescents to develop resilient skills and stay resilient when faced with adversity. The types of support these parents provide are framed within their socio-historical experiences of being refugees; individuals who did not have a safe and stable shelter for about half of their lifetime. This study was conducted using ethnographic methods. I collected data through interviewing informants in their natural setting. Doing so allowed me to gain rich data contextualized within their culture to conceptualize their view of how they support their adolescents’ academic success.


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