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Jacobs, Jennifer M.

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Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education (KNPE)


This dissertation utilizes a three-paper approach to explore the topic of promoting personal and social responsibility (PSR) in higher education. Paper one is a conceptual piece that examines the alignment between the Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility (TPSR) model and PSR in higher education. The paper proposed a kinesiology-based framework (i.e., the TPSR model) to assist in defining, implementing, and evaluating PSR education with post-secondary students. The paper offered a general overview of the higher education landscape and then presented its alignment with the TPSR model. Recommendations for implementing the framework into higher education were shared, and challenges with integrating the framework were acknowledged.Paper two explores faculty member and graduate assistant perceptions of promoting PSR in a post-secondary context. The paper used occupational socialization theory as well as a collective case study design to understand what is needed to promote PSR in higher education. A series of three interviews as well as artifacts were the data sources analyzed to generate two themes: (a) a commitment to values that promote PSR and (b) an institutional system to support PSR. The influence of the participants’ socialization experiences was discussed, and directions for future research and practice related to promoting PSR in higher education were identified. Paper three is a self-study of a post-secondary teaching experience where PSR was prioritized using the framework offered by the TPSR model. The paper used occupational socialization theory as well as a critical friend to facilitate reflection throughout the self-study. Reflection journals, critical friend discussions, and artifacts were analyzed. The three turning points identified were presented as the following themes: (a) embracing self-study methods, (b) prioritizing life skill transfer, and (c) reimagining content knowledge. Recommendations for practitioners about using self-study methods as well as implementing PSR into the post-secondary context were offered. Future directions for research in TPSR were also noted.


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Northern Illinois University

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