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Liu, Lichuan

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


This thesis proposes a system design that will be suitable for applying active noise control (ANC) effectively to live musical instruments. The design consists of three parts: a signal separation section, an instrument classification section, and the active noise control section. The signal separation section will split up the music signals. The instrument classification section will identify the signals, and the ANC section will attenuate the music signal based on the previous information from the other sections. The two instruments of focus will be the trombone and tuba for their low frequency and ability to be quite loud in a typical music ensemble. The proposed system performed slightly better than a traditional active noise control scheme that does not include a classifier. Musical instruments, however, are very tricky signals to use as they are not fully stationary, and have many technical considerations that come with them.


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Northern Illinois University

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