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Malecki, Christine K.

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Psychology


Social support is associated with various outcomes such as depression and anxiety. Less work has investigated how support received from various sources cumulatively is associated with internalizing symptoms. Research suggests that above other sources, parents and peers are the most strongly associated with internalizing outcomes. Looking at female adolescents specifically, the current study explored 1) what patterns of social support across sources emerge in a female adolescent sample, and 2) how do depressive and anxiety symptoms vary based on those patterns of social support? The study utilized Latent Profile Analysis (LPA) on data collected from a female high school sample to identify patterns of social support across sources, including Parent, Teacher, Close Friend, Classmate, and Sibling. Results found that unique profiles of social support emerge with differential associations related to internalizing symptoms. Overall, the study underscores the importance of parents' roles in the lives of adolescent females.


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