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Lynch, Darrel L.||Grosklags, James H.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Biological Sciences


Algae; Amino acids


Qualitative analyses of the free amino acids of the green algae Coelastrum microporum Naeg. strains 280 and 281 and C . proboscideum Bohn. var. dilatatum Vischer (282) and var. gracile Vischer (184) using paper chromatography indicate the feasibility of using these substances for the classification of these organisms on a biochemical basis. Qualitative differences were found to exist in the free amino acid pool of these organisms in thirty day old cultures. Further studies of this nature on a quantitative basis should show even greater variation. Quantitative protein determinations using the micro-Kjeldahl apparatus and method and chromatographic analyses of protein hydrolysates of these organisms substantiate previous studies of green algae showing the efficacy of the use of such organisms as a source of protein both nutritionally and for the commercial production of amino acids. These algae and other green algae have been shown to contain most of the amino acids essential to man and other organisms.


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