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Semati, Mehdi

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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This thesis intends to examine the technological, political, and social dynamics surrounding the cancelation of musicians within the punk scene, specifically, modern Bay Area punk band, SWMRS. The technological dynamics involve the internet, networked publics, and digital politics. The social dynamics are not separate from sociality facilitated by social media and the networks they create. The politics of this context involves gender and the struggle over women’s agency to fight against sexual abuse and the social injustice it perpetuates. Because this thesis is interested in these issues within the context of popular music, it draws on the work on music scenes. This thesis examines the disruption caused in the punk scene when notable figures within it fail to maintain the personas they perpetuate.22-year-old Joey Armstrong entered a romantic relationship with 16-year-old Lydia Night, frontwoman of the Regrettes. Night suffered sexual coercion, manipulation, and emotional abuse at the hands of Armstrong, and SWMRS enabled it. The #MeToo movement and cancel culture have served as the conduit both for Lydia Night to come forward with her story, but to dismantle SWMRS platform, to prevent them from harming others.


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