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Vahabzadeh, Sahar

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Biomaterials play an important role in modern medicine through their complexfunctionalities, as implants, grafts, and drug delivery systems. The addition of dopants and biomolecules in biomaterials offers unique solutions to common issues and provides new methods of improving overall health. In our work, we examined osteoblast cell interactions with titanium (Ti) after alkali treatment and deposition of magnesium (Mg) and iron (Fe). We also studied the antibacterial properties of doxycycline loaded polymeric nanofibers produced via electrospinning. To study the biological properties of surface-modified Ti, we first prepared commercially pure titanium samples by grinding and polishing, then performed alkali treatment in NaOH solution, followed by immersion in different concentrations of Mg (NO3)2 6H2O solution, and electron beam deposition of Fe at 150 Å and 500 Å thicknesses. At last, human bone forming cells’ interaction with the modified samples was evaluated through proliferation and differentiation assays, as well as imaging of surface morphologies with scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Our results show that the surface treatment does not have any adverse effect on cellular proliferation and presence of Fe enhances the bone remodeling via enhanced angiogenesis. In addition, presence of doxycycline in PCL and PCL/PLGA composites has resistance against several types of bacteria. Together, our results suggest the effective role of Fe and Mg on bone remodeling when deposited to the surface of Ti as a potential candidate in bone and dental tissue engineering. The unique electrospun structure prepared in current research may be used in wound healing to not only accelerate skin tissue regeneration but also protect the tissue from infection.


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