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Korampally, Venumadhav

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


Coulomb Blockade effects in field emission provide interesting means of achieving brighter electron sources for numerous applications, ranging from vacuum electronics to the next generation of electron beam technology. Microelectronics cleanroom methods are presented in this thesis for production of field emission sources moderated by the Coulomb Blockade. The use of common processes is an essential step toward widespread experimentation with Coulomb Blockade-mediated field emission apparatuses. The main feature to be explored is the use of nano-diamond films for their potential applicability for this desired outcome. Ultra-Nanocrystalline Diamond is used in two different ways to achieve this, both as a large-area field emission source and as a precursor to the formation of Coulomb Islands at the apexes of single emitters. In addition, considerable progress was made toward the realization of a repeatable process for oxidative-sharpened Silicon field emitters. Ultra- Nanocrystalline Diamond was deposited differently for both routes (Nitrogen-doped and undoped grain boundaries) and analysis was provided of the ensuing morphology. The next stage involves nanoparticles being deposited over the Nitrogen-doped film on a flat substrate, while the undoped film can be used to grow a nanostructure on top of a chemically-sharpenedTungsten tip. Cathodes were subsequently placed within a vacuum DC chamber to measure I(V) characteristics of the field emission and extrapolate further data thereof.


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Northern Illinois University

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