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Boutin, Daniel

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Providing treatment interventions to clients with chronic pain is a complex task for any professional. Research suggests that clients with chronic pain experience declines in physical, emotional, and psychological quality of life. Client’s that have chronic pain have complex effects from dealing with this condition in their lives. Hashmi and colleagues found that clients with chronic pain (i.e., pain lasting > three months) process pain through the emotional and reward circuitry in the brain. The literature base provides evidence that clients with chronic pain who receive psychologically based interventions along with physical rehabilitation have better outcomes than individuals with chronic pain who receive only physical rehabilitation. Therefore, it is necessary to examine how to train physical therapy providers to effectively incorporate ACT into their treatment sessions. The study involved 33 of the participants completing the online ACT workshop through three different feedback methods (control, peer, and expert) to assess knowledge, psychological flexibility, self-compassion, and fidelity. Results from this small sample did have increased knowledge and fidelity of ACT principles via an online workshop. The peer group had the highest median change score in knowledge compared to expert and control, which was found to be significant. There were no statistically significant differences between feedback groups within the constructs of self-compassion and psychological flexibility. Feedback and fidelity were found to have a significant association with each other.


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