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Neutrinos began as theoretical, massless particles, and since their first detection they have continued to be the subject of various experiments. One such experiment is DUNE, which is a long baseline neutrino experiment with the goal of studying neutrino properties, such as neutrino oscillation parameters. In this work, two projects were completed, one dealing with the hardware of DUNE and the other dealing with neutrino simulations. For the hardware project, we designed a quality control method for testing adaptor boards which make up part of the Far Detector circuit boards. This method was completed and prototyped, however was not implemented as planned due to funding changes. For the simulation project, we simulated tau neutrino, muon neutrino, and electron neutrino CC interactions using two simulation methods (stand alone GENIE and a full detector simulation) in order to begin to understand what a tau neutrino CC event would look like in the Far Detector and create an initial list of kinematic properties that can be used for this purpose. We found that there is not a complete understanding of what is occurring in the full detector simulation. We also found that there is promise in using kinematic properties to be able to differentiate tau neutrino CC events, however properties beyond those covered here, as well as a more accurate simulation, will be required for any definitive statistical statements.


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