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Erdelyi, Bela

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Physics


The problem of a point-like charged particle’s self-interaction force has been along-standing problem in the field of classical electrodynamics. For over a century,physicists have unsuccessfully developed a satisfactory solution until recently. Weexpand on the work done by Gralla et. al. [1] in order to establish a smooth andrelativistically correct formulation of point-like charged particles in motion and shedlight on related problems and applications, particularly the motion of elementary par-ticles with magnetic dipoles through non-uniform static magnetic fields. We conductnumerical simulations in order to quantify the magnitude of the perturbations fromthis self-force due to the new equations of motion relative to the Lorentz force. Theseresults will be utilized in single particle dynamics experiments in accelerator rings


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