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Xu, Tao

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Zheng, Chong

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Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Synthesis of complex inorganic materials is desirable because their complex composition allows more degrees of freedom and tunability, whose properties differ from their parent components. As an expansion on this concept, we synthesized a quinary compound Ce3FeWS3O6, using a molten flux method and a solvothermal method. The compound crystallizes into a hexagonal crystal system with space group P63/m. Its electric partition shows an anion with the form [(Ce3+)3W6+(S2-)3(O2-)6]3- forcing the transition metal Fe3+ state and leaving no conduction electrons, making the material a semiconductor. This compound is the right candidate as photoelectric material capable of absorbing photons from the solar spectrum. Energy storage systems are critical for modern society, including transportation and renewable energy storage and production. This dissertation summarizes our efforts to understand the fundamentals of lead-acid batteries to better utilize them as renewable energy storage devices or expand the fundamental knowledge into more complex real-world applications. This essential knowledge is broken into three sections. The first section (Chapter 3) describes how we prepared the electrode's flat surface and gained baseline knowledge of discharge and charge. The second section (Chapter 4) describes expanding knowledge from the baseline into morphology and how the electrode's surface affects the discharge and charge mechanisms and performance. The third section (Chapter 5) describes expanding the flat electrode's surface area and baseline data collected from a specific type of paste electrode.


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