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Freedman, Reva

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Computer Science


I investigated statistically significant factors that effect syntactic changes in French and

English during translation of by phrases using the passive voice. Relative clauses containing this

structure were also looked at. This feature was chosen from information that was gathered from

experts in the form of academic texts on English-French translation, as well as handbooks

intended for an audience of professional translators. Data came from the proceedings of the

Canadian Parliament (the Hansard), which are published in French and English. Passive

sentences were collected from the output of the Stanford Parser. Animacy was found to be a

significant factor in whether or not the arguments of a passive by phrase would change order in

translation. Information status will need further investigation. While relative clauses are still

subject to this effect, this syntactic shift occurs far less often than in sentences not containing

relative clauses.


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