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Yauch, Wilbur A. (Wilbur Alden), 1904-1982||McDowell, Dale

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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School of Education


Elementary school principals; Schools--Public relations


Problem: It was the purpose of this study to consider the role of the Building principal as it relates (1) to the community as a whole; and (2) to the parents, pupils, teachers and other adults in the individual attendance center. Procedure: The author surveyed literature relating the building principal to those aspects of the attendance center and total community, which would help the administrator understand and improve his role as an educational leader. The writer then applied those principles and concepts, which were explored in the- survey of literature, to those conditions under which a principal, might possibly work. It would be remembered that these principles, and concepts were not meant to apply to a specific situation, but rather to serve as a general overview of basic school-community relations as they would apply to most administrative circumstances in general. Findings and Conclusions: Basic to the concept of school-community relations is what the school is, what it does, how it does it, and what it needs to do the Job. It is the conduct of the school that comes first and, based on it, communication and publicity about the school come second. In other words all the publicity in the world will not make a good school; it is the quality of the school that is the paramount requisite for any discerning community appreciation or understanding. Concerns about the educational program, the costs of education, and the effectiveness of instruction are not easily glossed over. Publicity about some favorable aspects of the school, is most desirable, but it cannot be counted upon as a substitute for broader understanding. It is to this end that the elementary principal must direct his energies.


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