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Grosklags, James H.||Terwilliger, George L.||Mathers, Carrol K.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Department of Biological Sciences


Northern Illinois University; Algae--Illinois--De Kalb


The purpose of this study was to determine which algae were present in the Northern Illinois University Pond throughout the period from July 1961 until July 1962. In addition to identification of the various species, the relative frequency with which they occurred was noted. Sampling was conducted every two weeks with weekly collections made during certain periods. Identifications were made from both formalin preserved and living material. Numerous representatives of the Chlorophyta were identified including nine species of desmids. Many filamentous forms, particularly Cladophora glomerata and Spirogyra sp., were found in abundance. Several species from the Euglenophyta and a single representative of the Pyrrophyta were present. The Cyanophyta species present were largely those of Cscillatoria. Among the Chrysophyta the various diatoms were abundant and other species were generally rare. Most of the algae identified are found in Tiffany and Brittan's Alcae in Illinois. Those species identified that are not found listed there are: Bumilleria sicula, Euglena Proxima, Mallomonas tonsurata, Cocystis parva, Phacus curvicauda and Trachelomonas crebea.


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