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Nicolazzo, Z

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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)

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Department of Counseling and Higher Education (CAHE)


This purpose of this study was to collect the stories of trans* and gender non-conforming students who attend community colleges. Very little research has been done on this community attending community colleges, so it is not known if the community college environment is supportive of this marginalized student group. The participants in the study shared their experiences with various aspects of the community college environment, from professors, classmates, student affairs, bathrooms, registration and records, to their gay straight alliances. Ultimately, it was found that the students interviewed faced a cadre of microaggressions throughout the areas of their community colleges. However, some may argue that the microaggressions are actually a type of “institutional betrayal,” as the students in the study were oftentimes dehumanized in various areas of their colleges.


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