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Kortegast, Carrie A.

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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)

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Department of Counseling and Higher Education (CAHE)


This study analyzes the relationship between African American male students and the career services office. While there is extensive research on the barriers African American men face in a postsecondary environment, as well as previous research highlighting the impact career services has on student success, there is limited research on the intersection of these two groups. There has been a long standing disconnect due to several factors, which are discussed in the study. The implications of this information could inform the career services office on how to establish better relationships with this group of students and provide them with information that is both relevant and useful to them in their educational and career journey. Data was collected through focus groups and semistructured interviews. This information provided the basis for the conclusions, which were used to develop recommendations to address the issue.


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Northern Illinois University

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