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Korampally, Venumadhav

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


Microscale devices are attractive options for the advancement of biomedical engineering and life science. They have huge potential in the pharmaceutical and biomedical fields provided the critical factors such as device size, product purity and efficiency are not a hindrance. In most cases, traditional microelectronics fabrication processes are quite costly and complicated. By improving on them, their application in fields such as chemical sensing, detection and analysis is possible. By implementing this on a chip, we can reduce the cost and improve portability. This thesis focuses on the investigation of a novel class of spontaneously patterned nanoporous organosilicate nanoparticle-based films for chromatography applications. Specifically, these thin films coupled to planar and glass microfiber support structures have been optimized for potential applications in small molecule separation, detection, and enrichment. The presence of nanopores dramatically enhances the surface area of the coated support material and is expected to enhance the separation efficiency many folds. This approach can be used as a new method of Chromatography for the Medical and pharmaceutical industries.


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Northern Illinois University

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