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Burchfield, Keri

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Sociology


The opioid epidemic in the United States does not discriminate. With previous research showing the rise of the opioid epidemic and how it is impacting all communities, there is a lack of research addressing perceptions towards the opioid epidemic on a national level and in local communities. Thus, my proposed thesis asks, what are the perceptions rural, suburban, and urban community members have towards opioid use within their community? More specifically, does institutional anomie on the national level, and social disorganization on the community level, influence perceptions of opioid use. Administered through a survey, via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, I will be examining if community attachment, cohesion, social bonds, cultural values, and social institutions influence attitudes about drug abuse. Understanding the roots of these community variables may then explain opioid use in communities.


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