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Nesbitt, William O.||Tink, Albert K.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Teaching teams


With the acceptance of the principle that methodology must be consistent with the individual and societal goals of learning for students, new educational methods must be continuously examined. Determining the effectiveness and desirability of these new methods is a constant challenge to educational leaders and administrators. The concept of team teaching as a method of instruction has been variously interpreted, initiated, and organized, while the methodology of this new, changing educational practice has led to a need for more clearly defined organizational and evaluative procedures. It was the purpose of this study: 1. To review some varied current practices, in selected sections of the country, of the team teaching method of instruction on the secondary school level. 2. To analyze the team teaching methodology from an administrator's viewpoint with respect to its impact on teaching personnel and in the learner effectiveness. 3. To show the need for new evaluation criteria. 4. To establish basic administrative considerations in the implementation of the team teaching method. Much background material for this study was based on field trips investigating nebulous and. actual team teaching programs; attendance at, and participation in, team teaching conferences; and critiques necessitated by the organization of a team teaching program at Glenbrook High School or conducted as a result of requests of visiting delegations from other secondary schools who were interested in the investigation and observation of a team teaching program in action. The writer has reviewed the current trends in team teaching in some U. S. secondary schools through the available literature on the subject. Current trends and practices in team teaching throughout the country are marked by variety of techniques, organization, and content. Where team teaching programs have been inaugurated in secondary schools, it was usually believed that the team teaching method of instruction was a tool for the improvement of instruction, leading to more effective pupil learning activity. Administrators have many factors to consider in the initiation of team taught programs in their secondary schools. The selection of proper instructional personnel, the determination of suitable courses for projection by the team method, and the provision for acceptable facilities demanded by the programs must be weighed in terms of the total effects of the curriculum change. Study has shown that new evaluation criteria must be established to measure the impact of team teaching in our curricular practices. The challenges of co-operation and co-ordination of effort as well as the presentation of course materials under the scrutinizing eyes of fellow team members has provided a new professional outlook.


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