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Mincheva, Maya

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Mathematical Sciences


Otero-Muras, Banga, and Alonso in [18] state biological reaction systems exhibit multistationarity, a system with at least two positive steady states. According to Otero-Muras,Banga, and Alonso in [18], initial conditions within the system, however, dictate the number of stable states in that system. Furthermore, multistationarity is an important componenet present in biological reaction systems that manage cellular responses [18]. Signal pathways regulating cell maturation, cell replication, and cell death rely on such systems [18]. Given the importance of multistationarity in biological reaction systems, it is necessary to construct a mathematical model, one in which multistationarity will be configured. More importantly, inequalities will be obtained to determine multistationarity region in parameter space.


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