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Hung, Wei-Chen

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Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment (ETRA)


The purpose of this case study was to investigate the Saudi international students’ experiences on the use of blogs as collaborative learning platform to support English writing performance. It also reported the advantages and disadvantages of blogs as a collaborative learning tool in ESL classes to support English writing skills. The overarching theoretical framework guided this study was diffusion of innovation theory by Rogers (2003). This study findings demonstrated that ESL students' blogging experiences were aligned with Rogers's five characteristics of innovation (relative advantage, trialability, observability, compatibility, and complexity). To explore ESL students' blogging experiences, a case study employing qualitative methods approach was used. Four Saudi international students were interviewed about their blogging experiences in English writing class, and each of them highlighted that they have blogged as part of their coursework. All four students recorded positive blogging experiences in the English classroom because of their engagement while accomplishing their writing tasks. They highlighted that even though the use of blogs was initially challenging, with time, it was enjoyable and useful experience. Based on the findings of this study, the researcher believes that the findings of this study would build a new knowledge on how ESL students can support their writing skills through the use of blogs. In addition to the results, implications for instructional practice, limitation, and recommendations for future research are also discussed.


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