Jody L. Ware

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Cooper, Robb, 1951-

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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)

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Department of Educational Administration and Services


Early childhood education--Illinois--Planning--Case studies


The purpose of this research was to uncover the environmental conditions and the processes that led to the development of an early childhood system in an Illinois public school district. This study involved a wide array of individuals representing community groups with competing interests and different orientations working together to create a community-based early childhood system. The research involved interviewing 17 individuals who had participated in creating the community-based early childhood system. The research process involved (a) interviewing, (b) coding, (c) identification of categories, (d) placement of units of analysis in the established categories and dimensions, and (e) theorizing and constructing from the data. This study uncovered two environmental conditions and five processes in creating the community-based early childhood system. Community leadership and the analysis of internal and external environment that resulted in the urgency for change were uncovered in this case. The five processes uncovered were (1) share vision and goals, (2) a continuum of communication, (3) the relational community, (4) long-term planning, and (5) unique synergy. The existence of the environmental conditions and the processes contributed to the success of creating a community-based early childhood system. Conclusions made in this study include (a) the presence of two environmental conditions and the five processes lead to the success of the community-based initiative; (b) community-based initiatives are more likely to succeed when four of the processes lead to unique synergy, the final process; and (c) organizations can function more efficiently and effectively by developing community-based initiatives.


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