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Ball, Thomas E.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Women athletes--Effect of exercise on; Young women--Effect of exercise on


This study was designed to investigate the effect of varying load in the Wingate anaerobic power test (WAT) on peak power (PP), mean power (MP), and fatigue index (FI) of college-age women athletes and nonathletes. To determine the effect of varying load (75, 85, 95, and 105 gm-kg of BW^(-1)) on PP, MP, and FI, 46 females (25 nonathletes [NA], 13 field hockey players [FH], and 8 softball players [SB]), 18-35 years of age, performed the 30-second WAT on four separate occasions. The variables PP (watts and watts-kg of BW^(-1)), MP (watts and watts-kg of BW^(-1)), and FI were analyzed using a repeated measures ANOVA. PP (watts and watts-kg of BW^(-1)), and FI were highest at 105 gm-kg of BW^(-1); however, at 85 gm-kg of BW^(-1), MP (watts and watts-kg of BW^(-1)) were highest. The PP (watts) and MP (watts) outputs of FH were significantly greater than those for NA; while, FH’s PP (watts-kg of BW^(-1)) and MP (watts-kg of BW^(-1)) were significantly greater (p < .05) than SB and NA. It can be concluded that college-age females will generate higher power outputs at loads greater than 75 gm-kg of BW^(-1) when performing the WAT. Loads of at least 105 gm-kg of BW^(-1) are needed to obtain maximal PP (watts and watts-kg of BW^(-1)). FH players produce greater PP and MP outputs (watts) than either NA or SB, and greater PP and MP power outputs (watts-kg of BW^(-1)) than NA The use of a load of at least 85 gm-kg of BW^(-1) to generate maximal MP (watts and watts-kg of BW^(-1)) in college-age females is suggested. Furthermore, PP (watts and watts-kg of BW^(-1)) continued to increase from 75 to 105 gm-kg of BW^(-1); therefore, it is unknown if 105 gm-kg of BW^(-1) will result in highest power output.


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